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Code Of Conduct


Every student is required to adhere closely to the college authority's code of conduct:

  1. The legislation forbids eve-teasing and ragging.
  2. It is a significant offence to damage college property, including labs, buildings, furniture, and other fixtures.
  3. Sitting on the stairs is not permitted for students.
  4. The verandah in front of the classrooms, the library block, and the hallways are not intended for gathering and chit-chatting. Please respect them as a quiet area.
  5. Rude behavior should not be allowed to reward indiscipline.
  6. During class hours, no student is permitted to linger outside of the classroom or elsewhere on college property. (Students are urged to use the time in the library or the common room if a teacher is not present.)
  7. Students should not encourage violence, grouping, class disputes, etc.
  8. Outsiders are absolutely prohibited inside the college premises during college hours. However, obtaining the Principal's approval in advance is required in cases of urgent business.
  9. Illegal activities are not permitted on college property, including smoking, using narcotics, drinking alcohol, carrying deadly weapons, and setting off fireworks.
  10. Students must always have their identity cards on them.
  11. Students must maintain polite and respectful interactions with the instructors, staff, and other students.
  12. Avoid sticking posters or making other marks on the walls of the college building.
  13. Avoid cheating in the Examination Hall.
  14. Uphold the purity of a co-ed institution of higher learning.


    All teachers are expected to be familiar with and adhere to the general code of conduct for their area of work.

    • Professional accountability:
      1. A teacher should honestly commit to adopt government policies regarding education.
      2. A teacher should refrain from any actions that defame their profession.
      3. He or she should dedicate a small amount of time to the job and be ready to work extra hours if necessary to advance the institution.
    • Commitment to Colleagues:
      1. Regardless of their position, all co-workers must be treated equally from a professional standpoint.
      2. A teacher should acknowledge that individuals in positions of control above you have functional superiority.
    • Commitment to students:
      1. A teacher ought to have a real commitment to education and be intellectually motivated.
      2. Promote critical thinking among students while upholding institutional discipline.
      3. When working with pupils who are physically challenged, a teacher should use a compassionate approach.
      4. Foster a sense of institutional pride among pupils.
    • Commitment to community:
      1. The profession of teaching holds a position of public trust. A teacher should serve as a role model for the community by his academic pursuits and upholding of the highest ethical standards.
      2. He or she ought to have a neutral view point on any matter involving the community interests.
      3. He should respect diversity of all kinds and dedicate himself to promoting peace and harmony.


    All members of the non-teaching staff are expected by the college to uphold professional standards. Non-teaching staff's professional conduct is evaluated in respect to, i) Job performance ii) Workplace conduct iii) Relationship with students iv) Relationship with faculty, colleagues, administrative stuffs, and the general public

    • College expects that Non-teaching staff will
      1. Become familiar with the policies of the college that are pertinent to their obligations.
      2. Comply as closely as possible with those rules.
      3. Aid and encourage others to follow the faculties (for example, directing a student to the appropriate channels).
      4. Avoid using vulgar or harsh words.
      5. To refrain from saying things or acting in ways that could be construed as violating the Human Rights Code.
      6. Showing consideration for others and obeying orders.
      7. To abstain from advancing personal, religious, political, social, or business goals during work hours.
      8. All employees must uphold professional and ethical standards throughout their duties.
      9. They should continue to foster a conducive environment for learning and working.
      10. Give the Head of the Office adequate notice of any leave requests.
      11. Non-teaching staffs are required to perform their duties as per their service rule framed by the HE Department, Govt. of West Bengal.