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The aims of the Anti-Ragging cell are to ensure ragging-free, joyful and happy campus. Sukanta Mahavidyalaya assures that any activity involving to ragging such as any type of abuse of the mind, body or spirit, immoral behaviour, illegal intimidation, disregard for human dignity, financial exploitation or use of force as a result of a senior's action. The mission of the Anti-Ragging cell is to create a courageous, happy environment on our campus that is free from ragging. Additionally, the Cell ensures that there won't be any ragging incidents in the campus.


The objectives of Anti-Ragging Cell have been formed to create a ragging-free campus, a happy, joyful and fearless environment and a better teaching-learning environment for the students. Additionally, the cell ensures that there are no ragging situations on campus.


Anything that could lead to a younger person being subjected to mental, physical, verbal abuse, lewd behaviour, criminal intimidation, a violation of their human dignity, financial exploitation, or the use of force as a result of a senior's action. 

Causes of Ragging:

  • Mental Abuse

  • Physical Abuse

  • Verbal Abuse

  • Indecent Behaviour

  • Criminal Intimidation

  • Un-determining Human Dignity

  • Use of Force

  • Financial Exploitation

Procedure for Lodging the Complaint: 

The student can lodge their complaint through the following process:

A Student Indulging in Ragging can be:

  • Cancellation of admission

  • Suspension from attending classes

  • Withholding/Withdrawing Scholarship/Fellowship and other benefits

  • Forbidding from representing the institutional in any regional, national or international meet, tournament or youth festival etc.

  • Withholding Results

  • Debarring from appearing in any test/Examination or other evaluation process


Members of the Cell (Session 2022-2024):

  1. Dr. Nilangshu Sekhar Das, Principal (Chair Person)

  2. Dr. Apurba Barman, Assistant Professor (Convener)

  3. Mr. Ranjan Kumar Das, Assistant Professor (Member)

  4. Dr. Doli Dey, Assistant Professor (Member)

  5. Mr. Chhapikul Miah, Assistant Professor (Member)

  6. Mr. Gopal Mandal, Non-teaching Staff (Member)