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Code Of Conduct


The concerned members of the institution from teachers, non-teaching and students side are requested to carry out the code and conduct framed by the College. They, all are further expected to uphold the prestige and glory of the institution by maintaining peace and discipline.
Students are advised to follow strictly the following code of conduct during their studentship of the college:

Any student involved in RAGGING of any sort directly or indirectly shall be dismissed from the college immediately in addition to facing action by the law enforcing authorities. An undertaking to this effect is to be signed by both Students and Parents.

They should not disfigure or DAMAGE the College properties like the walls, doors, windows, tables, benches, black boards etc, by pitching, pasting poster or by writing.

It is bounden duty of every student to abide by the rules and regulations of the college.

They have to maintain the rules of book landing and keeping silence in reading room of the college library.

Any types of DRUGS ABUSE i.e. smoking, drinking, tobacco chewing are strictly prohibited inside the college premises.

They should behave in a proper manner to all teachers, staff members, employees and other students of the College.

Maintenance of DISCIPLINE within the College campus is of utmost importance, so the disturbance of the academic pursuit at any manner will not be tolerated.

The percentage of ATTENDANCE in classes fixed by the Authority is mandatory. Anyone who fails to adhere to this shall not be permitted to appear the examinations.

Indecent behavior towards the opposite sex will not be tolerated.

Sukanta Mahavidyalaya
Dhupguri, Jalpaiguri.