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To act as a mentor and to encourage our students to achieve highest potential¬† through comprehensive psychic, academic, and 360-degree holistic development of the students by accomplishing effective policy measures  


  • To ensure quality education.
  • To ensure a comprehensive development through co-curricular activities.
  • To empower students with Proper skills to ensure employability.
  • To enlighten the youthful souls and eradicate the evils of illiteracy.
The Principal monitors the mechanism regarding administration and academic processes to achieve the vision and mission. Following a democratic and participatory mode of governance, Principal seeks suggestions from all stakeholders. Governing Body and Co-ordinator, IQAC play their due roles and extend every possible support to the principal. For academic purposes all teachers of every department maintain a constant cooperation with the principal to achieve academic excellence. Committees are formed to support the regular activities of college like Exam Sub-Committee, Library Sub-Committee, Cultural Sub-Committee, Admission Sub-Committee, Sports Sub-Committee etc. Each Committee plays its due role effectively. Necessary contributions are also made by the non-teaching and supporting staffs.