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Institutional Distinctiveness

Karma, Shraddha Gyan, the very emblem of the college, speaks a lot about the priority of Sukanta Mahavidyalaya. Our vision is to establish an academic culture that would help expand the wings of fire among the students and help them explore their hidden potential in different fields. Sukanta Mahavidyalaya puts top priority on students’ learning and assesses the institutional performance and practice towards creating a diversified and all-inclusive healthy teaching-learning atmosphere in the college.

This institution treats the stakeholders in a flexible way and is actively engaged to respond to the needs of the students. As an institution of higher learning, Sukanta Mahavidyalaya promotes positive values through different curricular and extra-curricular activities and motivates students to be involved in physical and intellectual activism.

The institution was named after the famous Bengali poet Sukanta Bhattacharya who took pen to generate burning zeal for freedom among the Indians from the clutches of the British. The college commemorates the great thinkers, freedom fighters, and noble personalities of India on different occasions and promotes the ideals of “Karma Shraddha and Gyan”.

Being situated in the lap of the beautiful natural setting of Dooars, the institute enjoys a bucolic natural setting, and students mainly from the surrounding area come to this college for higher studies. Since its inception, the institution has been imparting high quality and all-inclusive (without any discrimination based on caste, creed, or economic status) to all sections of society.

Being situated in a convenient location beside NH 311 it attracts students a large number of students from the adjoining blocks. It is the additional skill of the faculty that tries to keep these learners motivated to nourish and pursue their dreams and help them expand their wings of fire for the job market.

The college is committed to keeping an academic ambiance on campus. The college firmly believes that an academic ambiance can transform a society.  Following the exalted vision and mission of the faculties strive relentlessly to empower students by providing quality education.

In keeping with the institution’s vision of promoting the core values of justice, freedom, sincerity, truth, and joy, Sukanta Mahavidyalaya has always given priority to the education of underprivileged students to empower them. For this, Nodal Officers for backward class and minority students have been actively working to guide SC, ST, and OBC students. Women’s Cell, Student Welfare Policy, and Student Aid Fund all are run by teachers along with representative student members which prepare the students to get various scholarships, free ships, fee concessions, etc. for providing them the opportunity for higher education. The institution put stress on outreach programs and inculcates in its students an awareness of the value of holistic education and empathy for the less privileged sections of society. Social service is also an important component for all students. Active NCC and NSS units of the college organize outreach programs for the student community. The college rallies around natural and manmade calamities and often become a collection center for relief materials. Packaging of these by the students and transportation to distribution centers is a part of the college’s commitment. Value Education classes once a week for students of all years (though not mandatory) are held throughout the year to enable students to discern and make informed choices for life. Soft skills also form part of these classes.

Distinctive Features of the College:

  • The college keeps an effective mentoring system for providing personalized learning to students of the institution. The students are strongly connected to the faculty and get help as and when required.
  • The college takes every care to impart quality education and conduct seminar/ extension lectures to keep the students motivated about the recent development in the academic field.
  • Through a well-furnished college library reading room and availability of books, the students are encouraged to learn and engage in productive activities.
  • The institution provides laboratory facilities and sports facilities and other amenities to keep an academic atmosphere at college.
  • The college provides academic support for the academic tour, surveys, and project work every year. The college also provides counseling at frequent intervals.
  • The college strives to impart holistic education and try to develop skills, knowledge, and values among the students and equip them to deal with the problems of life.
  • The college promotes inclusive education and provides scholarships/free ships to the needy ones to overcome their socio-economic constraints.
  • The college has proactive NSS and NCC units that play significant roles in environmental consciousness and moral values.